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Trabalhamos com turmas regulares nas duas modalidades abaixo.

Para mais informações sobre horários e valores, entre em contato.

free modeling

The free ceramic modeling classes are ideal for those who have never worked with clay, but can't wait to get their hands dirty.

This technique allows the creation of  clay pieces freely, using imagination, trying out the tools.

Knowing the space and materials - clay, tools, etc.

Application of glazes - enamel

Manual clay modeling techniques: pinch, plate opening, accordion, hollowing and others


Biscuit burns and high temperature

Clay recycling

Techniques for kneading clay


The electric lathe is a machine that basically consists of a motor, a rotating disk and a pedal. In it, you model clay using your hands and water. Just like the movie Ghost, have you seen it? 
It is possible to model circular, cylindrical, rounded parts.

Ativo 20.png

Presentation and explanation of lathe operation 

Positioning of the body and hands

How to turn basic shapes: cylindrical, cups, bowls, plates, bottles, vases, etc.

Applying glazes (enamel)

Cetralization of clay on disk

Clay recycling

Biscuit burns and high temperature


Ativo 30.png

lathe modeling

AR5I6608 (1).jpg
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