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Ateliê Mosca is built by women. The name, Mosca, comes from the family, in honor of the maternal grandmother, Ophélia Mosca. The creator is Paula Mosca, who discovered in ceramics a way to reconnect with nature and develop a work full of meaning. Along with her, adds Geisa Costa, who, in addition to being a partner, helps in all the development of daily life at the studio. Together, we think and create all the pieces with love and dedication, to bring a little of us and our work to other people.


All ceramics produced at the Mosca atelier are 100% handcrafted, from the initial modeling to the final finishes. At the beginning, the clay is kneaded and prepared to be shaped, it goes around and is transformed into a piece with the bare hands. At the exact finishing point, the piece comes to life and rests to dry for days.

After drying, they all undergo two fires: 980 degrees (biscuits) for complete drying and 1240 degrees (high temperature) with glaze, which guarantee them greater resistance and that they can be used in everyday life with simplicity and beauty.  The process takes 40 days and a Mosca Ceramic is born.

Pottery Path


2014 /  september to december

Manual modeling course at Ateliê Ecosume - Maringá/PR


2015 / February to  2017 / July

Lathe classes at Ateliê Recanto do Barro with teacher Risolete Bendlin - Curitiba/PR


2015 / August

Participation in the extension project Common spaces: artistic practices in ceramics at the Ceramic Laboratory, under the supervision of Professor Isabela Catucci, from the Department of Arts of the Federal University of Paraná.



2015 / November

Participation in the year-end bazaar of Ateliê Recanto do Barro - Curitiba/PR



2015 / December

Ceramic chalk workshop with teacher Marília Dias - Curitiba/PR


2016 / April

Participation in the Solidary Mug organized by the Association of Volunteers Friends of Curitiba (AVA)



2016 / May

Participation in the Low Enamel Course on Enamel and Dry Rope at Ateliê Recanto do Barro - Curitiba/PR

2016 / September

Participation in the Raku Workshop at Ateliê Recanto do Barro - Curitiba/PR

2016 / October

Disclosure of pieces in TPM magazine - São Paulo

2016 / November

Participation in the first edition of Feira Jardim Secreto - Curitiba/PR



2017 / March to December

Ceramics Course at the Alfredo Andersen Museum - Curitiba/PR

2017 / May

Delivery of dishes to the Pocotapas restaurant by chef Fábio Mattos - Curitiba/PR

2017 / June

Participation in the Abyssal Depth exhibition at the Alfredo Andersen Museum - Curitiba/PR


2017 / June

Participation in the Manoo Fair in Curitiba/PR


2017 / July

Disclosure of pieces in the Bom Gourmet magazine of Gazeta do Povo - Curitiba

2017 / August

Disclosure of pieces in Casa Sul magazine - Curitiba

2017 / September

Queima de Raku with teacher Soraia Savaris at the Atelier de Cerâmica do

Alfredo Andersen Museum - Curitiba/PR

2017 / October

Participation in the Fair at Rosenbaum + Ôda Design Club at the Oscar Niemeyer Museum

2017 / November

Visit to the city of Cunha for the opening of the Instituto de Cerâmica's smokeless oven


2017 / November

Production of ceramic pieces for Nomade restaurant by Lenin Palhano - Curitiba/PR


2018 / March

Beginner course in nail polish formulation with Flávia Vanderlinde at Casa do Ceramista - Curitiba/PR


2018 / April

Inauguration of the Mosca studio - Curitiba/PR

2018 / May

Participation in the fair Made by Elas at Coletivo Alimentar - Curitiba/PR

2018 / June

Publication of pieces in the newspaper Folha de São Paulo/SP

2018 / July

Alternative burning course: hole burning, paper and Raku - Curitiba/PR

2018 / July

Pieces developed for the Nomade restaurant by Lenin Palhano at the Nomaa hotel - Curitiba/PR

2018 / August

Exhibition at the Da Esquina event at Smash It - Maringá/PR

2018 / September

Raku Course: building the oven at Ateliê Mosca - Curitiba/PR

2018 / November

Advanced course in nail polish formulation with Flávia Vanderlinde at Casa do Ceramista

2018 / December

Organization and participation of the 1st edition of the Feira na Mosca



2019 / January

Professor in the intensive course of lathe modeling - beginner - at the ceramist's house - Curitiba/PR

2019 / January

Palletising course with teacher Soraia Savaris at the Casa de Pedra studio - Curitiba/PR

2019 / February

Course on the formulation of ash glazes with Professor Soraia Savaris at

Casa de Pedra Workshop - Curitiba/PR



2019 / March

Organization and participation in the Xama Lab workshop: female sexuality -

Objects of pleasure and self-knowledge at Ateliê Mosca - Curitiba/PR


2019 / March

Pieces developed to make up the autumn/winter collection of the Plural Estilo store -

Sao Paulo-SP


2019 / June

Participation in the Jardim Secreto Fair at Cinemateca - São Paulo/SP

2019 / August

Coffee cups for Moka Clube - Specialty Coffee - Curitiba/PR

2019 / December

Clay and Pasta Course with Amanda Magrini at Ateliê Vida Made à Mão - Curitiba/PR

2019 / December

2nd edition Feira na Mosca - Curitiba/PR


2020 / February

Organization and teacher of the manual modeling workshop for Grupo Boticário at Ateliê Mosca - Curitiba/PR

2020 / July

Online course on formulation of magnesium enamels with Vicente Cardia

2020 / August

Pieces developed for the Jasmim Limão tea house - Balneário Camboriú/SC

2020 / August

Online course on the formulation of calcium enamels with Vicente Cardia

2020 / September

Pieces developed for the Seu Karel restaurant - Curitiba/PR

2020 / September

Parts in development for Bakery Guarani - Curitiba/PR

"Each piece is unique and carries a work full of meaning." 
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